Video Shoot For “Willie’s Guitar”

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John Anderson - Anthology

John recently shot the video for “Willie’s Guitar” Featuring John, Willie, & Merle Haggard. The video release date is TBA.

13 Responses to Video Shoot For “Willie’s Guitar”

  1. Paul (Doc') Dufour

    I have followed John from “I just came home to count the memories.” I once heard him singing a melody of Lefty Frizell’s hits. I was just getting in my car while trout fishing. It was fantastic! How about a Lefty to John album?
    I Love you a 1000 ways still rings in my mind.
    Do you still have the resturant? I make a mean Jambalaya with calamari. I have this crazy need to cook it for John!God Bless you John!

  2. Lisa, that was a great song! I loved it .hmm, To answer your quitneoss why do I play? cause its fun and challenging at the same time .whats the magic for me? all the surprises that happen while playing, sometimes things just connect and flow really well and that always turns into great fun whats my motivation? My desire? My need to play all about? to give and get more of the above ..keep up the good works!Tom

  3. Leon Spradling

    Three of the greatest country musicians. It would have been magical to sit-in on this video shoot.

  4. Brandon meadows

    John, please come to the birchmere in Alexandria, VA!!

  5. Joe Mcmullen of Chicago

    Swingin’ is the best country song ever written or played. If not for Kind of Blue by Miles Davis it would be the best of any kind.

  6. Donnie West

    John we always love and support you! Thanks for all the memories, love the West Clan! Can’t wait to see you in south Texas.

  7. Andy Riddell

    Have been a John Anderson fan since hearing him back in 1970’s while riding back to New Jersey from Florida. Best concert was @ Copperfest in Colorado & especially his “Black Sheep of The Family”. He was fantastic that night.

  8. Jeff Stewart of Bloomington, Illinois

    Hope to see you again soon. I have your entire collection on CD & am anxiously awaiting another release. I heard rumor you were working on a new CD. Fingers Crossed. Thanks for all the great music & memories.

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  10. george lake

    Went to school with John at Apopka Memorial High School,saw john’s rock band play many times.Loved the change to country.All of Apopka and Plymouth and Zellwood are proud of your music.Home town boy done good.Thanks for the memories and Swingin’They put little ‘ol Apopka on the map.

  11. Russell Knouse Jr

    I love this song, when will we get to see the video?

  12. marycapps

    John’s music will always mean so very much to me. Listen to him all time.

  13. Betsy Reinhard

    John Anderson has the best, most unique voice in country music. There is a truth in his deliverance of his songs that make you feel everything he is singing about.


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